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Podfic Bigbang 2012

Just getting round to posting this because things have been a bit hectic recently. Anyway, this is my contribution to Podfic Bigbang 2012. Hope you enjoy!

Title: The Dapper Highwayman and The Lima Job
Author: mothergoddamn
Read by: jennacorinth

Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine, mentions of Rachel/Finn,
Rating: R to NC-17
Spoilers: None
Format: MP3 and M4B Audiobook
Length: 3h 25m

Author’s summary: Heading back from college for the summer, Kurt decides to pick up a hitchhiker. And gets a lot more than a traveling companion.

Download link: MP3 or Audiobook download


It's that time of year again!

I've signed up again for podficbigbang!! Exciting times.


Title: It's Not Weird To Want To Be Friends With Your Brother's Boyfriend
Author: commen_sense
Read by: jennacorinth

Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine, mentions of Rachel/Finn, Quinn/Finn
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: All aired episodes
Format: mp3
Length: 27m 32s

Author’s summary: Finn really doesn’t understand why he’s so interested in Kurt’s love life. It’s honestly kind of perverted. Finn really likes Blaine and that's not a problem for Kurt until it kind of is and Finn gets a restraining order of sorts which is you know, really kind of sad.

Download links: Sendspace link

Archive direct link


Title: The One Wherein Blaine and Mike Like Cardigans
Author: villiageidiot
Read by: jennacorinth
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine, Mike/Tina, Blaine-Mike friendship
Rating: PG
Time: 38m 21s
Author’s summary: Mike sits with his bestie at the Lima Bean while Blaine is all 'woe is me'.
Music: The Mr T Experience - You're The Only One

Download links: Sendspace link

Archive links: MP3 file

M4B Audiobook

Okay, I ADORE this fic and laughed my ass off while reading it. I knew I had to record it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


If fandom was your lover...

If fandom was your lover...

From alyburns

The one who seduced you and screwed you over and broke your heart in a million pieces and laughed about it.

The old flame you don't see very often any more but whom you still really enjoy getting together with for a few drinks and maybe a pleasant nostalgic romp in the sheets.
Stargate: Atlantis

The mysterious dark gothy one whom you used to sit up with talking until 3a.m. at weird coffeehouses and with whom you were quite smitten until you realized she really was fucking crazy.

The one you spent a whole weekend in bed with and who drank up all your liquor, and whom you'd still really like to get with again although you're relieved he doesn't actually live in town.
The X Files

The steady.
Due South

The alluring stranger whom you've flirted with at parties but have never gotten really serious with.

The one you hang out with and have vague fantasies about maybe having a thing with but ultimately you're just good buddies 'cause the friendship is there but the chemistry ain't.
X Men First Class

The one your friends keep introducing you to and who seems like a hell of a cool chick except it's never really gone anywhere.
Hawaii Five 0

The one who's slept with all your friends, and you keep looking at her and thinking, "her? how the hell did she land all these cool guys?"

The one who gave you the best damned summer of your life and who you measure all other potential partners against.

The one you recently met at a party and would like to get to know better and who you think you might have a crush on.
The Eagle

The old flame that you wouldn't totally object to hooking up with again for a one night romp if only he cleaned himself up a bit.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Your hot new flame.

The one who stole your boyfriend.
Sherlock. That magnificent bastard!

Podficcy goodness

Podficmeta is running a fabulous little meme for both podficcers and podfic listeners, and since I recently got my podfic mojo back and will be bashing out a few next week I thought I would partake.

So with no further ado...Collapse )

So there we go. I feel kinda inadequate because I've only recorded three podfics, which is way less than I wanted, but I think with each one I get under my belt I'm improving and growing in confidence. I'll never match the output of the likes of the lovely reena_jenkins, but just being part of this wonderful group of people who do what they do purely for the love of it is enough for me. To all the podficcers out there - YOU ROCK!
Yes it's true. My podficbigbang has been posted! Enjoy!


Author: nightanddaze
Fandom: Generation Kill
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Brad/Nate, mentions of others
Word Count: 36137
Summary: It starts on the first day of a war with broken radios
Warnings: violence, death. ZOMBIES!!!


I have just submitted my podficbigbang entry! Awww yeah! I cannot wait to listen to all the wonderful podfics that will be produced as a result of this fine endeavour.


So exciting! My podficbigbang is now recorded. Think it's going to come out at about 4 hours or so. Now begins the ever so fun and not at all tedious process of editing out all my flubs, burps and farts (all vocal of course :)). I created this account after I'd signed up, so I'm down for PBB as ekbatana but I'll put in that I'm jennacorinth as well, since that's my podfic name. Not that anyone will have any doubt it's me once my Scottish accent starts up.

It's funny. My accent never bothered me at all doing the Merlin and Supernatural podfics, but for some reason I was hyper-aware of it doing Generation Kill. Maybe because it's such an 'American' series. Truth is there's no way I can do anything about my accent, it's too ingrained in me. I don't think it's particularly overbearing or grating to listen to (certainly, podfic feedback I've had has been complimentary to my voice and accent) so I hope the Generation Kill podfic is just as well received. Fingers crossed.

Regardless, I'm hella relieved to have it all recorded well in advance of the April deadline. SO unlike me :)

Supernatural Podfic - Metaphysical Gravity

Title: Metaphysical Gravity
Reader: jennacorinth
Author: zoemathemata
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Dean/Castiel
Words: 81,000
Warnings: Mild blood play
Length / Format: 8hours 45mins / mp3 or m4b audiobook
Author's Summary: Vampire Castiel Collins is awakened from his tomb by down-on-his-luck author Chuck Shurley. With Chuck's help [and blood] Castiel sets out to make a life for himself in Collinsport, restoring his old home and hopefully being reunited with the reincarnation of his former lover - Dean Winchester.

Download link: MP3 M4b Audiobook